"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

Philippians 4:13

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Little Update

   We have had a good and busy summer thus far, hopefully you have as well!  Just over a week ago we stayed in Hesperia at our Grandparent's place for our annual "Girl's Week"  well "Girl's Week + Jeff" ;).  It was hot but we had a great time.  In fact even Jeff thought it was hot and if you know Jeff, that says a lot!  He keeps his room about 90 degrees! 

Jeff & Makayla
Owen, Jeff & Makayla @ Spanky's!

    Jeff is doing well, no real change in his condition except for his weight.  He has had a difficult time eating and sometimes keeping food down, we think a lot has to do with his Chemo treatment.  He really needs to eat better to keep his strength up, your prayers for this would be greatly appreciated!  He has been taken off of Chemo treatment until after his next MRI which is scheduled for Monday, August 19.  We are hoping that a break from the Chemo will build his strength and appetite!
   In just one week Jeff is blessing us with a vacation to Lake Cumberland, Kentucky.  We are going to a cabin for 2 nights and on a houseboat for 4 nights on the lake.  We are so excited to have this special family time!  What better way to spend it than living on the water ;)  My goal while we are on this vacation is to blog every night about our day and any special memories we have made.  I did this while we were on vacation in Disney World as a kid and when reading it, the memories come right back. It is amazing how much you can forget when it is not written down.  Hopefully we will have internet service on the lake, if not I plan on writing and adding to the blog later!

   Thank you for your continued support and prayers!  Hopefully you are all enjoying your summer!  Much Love,
The Rands

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