"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

Philippians 4:13

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Arms That Hold The Universe

Arms That Hold The Universe - 33 Miles

  It is with a heavy yet thankful heart I give you the news we have received.  First of all, what are we thankful for?  We are thankful for all of the love and support we have been receiving, for all the thousands of prayers that have been sent for Jeff and our family.  We are thankful for our faith, without faith in God and his plans I'm not sure how some get through things like this.  We are also thankful for Jeff's strength and perspective on the whole situation.  Jeff is the strongest willed person I know and may ever know.  He truly is a great example of God's grace and love.  With that being said, I will get into the results as read by the doctors.

   Jeff and family met with Dr. Mommoser yesterday afternoon.  The answers were startling.  In the previous post I informed you they had found a new mass where his original tumor resided.  Upon further analysis they found another mass, deeper in his brain.  We were informed that surgery is not a viable or useful option at this point.  The tumor board met today to evaluate if radiation was an option or if anything else was.  Without treatment, doctors said it could be a matter of weeks to months.  With radiation, maybe an extra couple months; no longer than six.  They left the doctors office and stopped for food on the way home.  At the restaurant, Jeff had expressed that he really does not want to go through treatment anymore.  He wants to be able to enjoy the time he has left.  We wanted to make sure this was his true decision.   You see, with Jeff's condition he sometimes says things he doesn't mean or says things he does not remember.  We decided to wait until we heard back from the tumor board to get a true decision made.

   This afternoon everyone came to my house to talk things over.  On the way, Dad received a call from the board.  Turns out there are even more tumor areas than previously thought.  He said radiation was an option but it will be the hardest he has ever had with it.  His symptoms would be worse than ever.  We sat down and asked Jeff if he remembered what was discussed yesterday, he did for the most part.  Dad informed him what the tumor board had concluded and Jeff again stressed he did not want to be sick.  He simply said it was up to God.  He has a tremendous amount of strength and composure!  We support his decision 100%.  As hard as it may be for us, we want what he wants.  It seems the only thing he is really concerned about is disappointing us, we stressed several times that we stand behind his decision. 

   God must need him more than we do.  I've been thinking maybe he needs a good comedian by his side.  We all know Jeff will be great at that!  It helps knowing he is at peace.  We ask for your continued support and prayers for Jeff.  Seeing how strong and understanding he is shows just how much our prayers for his strength are being answered! 
Thank you all...
Earlier today, reading to his nephew Dylan

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Update on Jeff

We had such a great time on vacation with the family.  Living on the water was truly blissful.  Jeff did really well on the vacation.  He got a lot of good rest and he ate really well.  The first day of the trip we met at a rest area on the highway.  We said a prayer for safe travels and went on our way to get some breakfast.  When we stopped at Big Boy, Jeff started telling us about a new symptom he was having.  He was having double vision.  He could just about see 2 of everything unless he was really close to what he was looking at.  When he covered his right eye it got better.  From there we decided to get him some eye patches so he could better enjoy himself.
I would love to tell you more about our wonderful vacation but right now I need to update you on Jeff's condition.  Mom called his doctor yesterday afternoon on the way home from Kentucky to inform him about his new symptoms and the fact that Jeff had a seizure on Friday morning while we were getting the houseboat back to port.  Due to his condition, Dr. Momosser at UofM wanted Jeff to have an MRI as soon as possible.  We had a scheduled appointment on Monday, August 19 but he did not want to wait until then.  UofM and Muskegon were both booked with appointments so they were told to bring Jeff to the ER in Ann Arbor to get him in. 

Mom and Dad then headed that way from Indiana and checked in the ER at about 10pm or so.  He did not get his MRI taken until about 2am and they had the results read to them by a neurologist close to 5am.  They were informed that the MRI showed another mass growing in the spot of the original first tumor.  The tumor board needs to meet to see if they can do surgery or radiation or what their best plan of action will be.  That is all we know for now.

Jeff was able to be discharged from the hospital and they are on their way home now.  We will not know more until after the tumor board meets.  We are asking for your continued prayers for Jeff's doctors to come up with the best plan of action for Jeff.  We are believing in a miracle!  Our God is great and we ask you to believe with us!  Thank you for your continued prayers and support!  I will keep you updated as I get information!

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