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Philippians 4:13

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ups and Downs

      Well summer is over and it sure was a busy and eventful one!  We have created some wonderful memories as a family with many more to come!  Jeff has been getting a regular chemo treatment that consisted of pills and an every other week treatment at the Johnson Cancer Center in Muskegon.
     Just a couple weeks ago Jeff and his mom went to Massachusetts to learn about a lifestyle change known as the Macrobiotic Diet.  They heard about this diet from a family friend who knew someone with cancer that tried this diet and it had improved their condition.  Basically the diet consists of lots of whole grains and rice, some fish and other strictly organic components.  The goal of this diet is to eliminate putting food in your body that cancer cells feed off of.  Sugars, processed foods and foods high in fats, added antibiotics and stimulating components such as caffeine are almost like an added fuel for cancer cells.

"Macrobiotics has long been advocated by some as a preventative and cure for cancerMichio Kushi's book The Cancer Prevention Diet outlines the fundamental philosophy for the diet and cancer prevention. There is evidence that a diet high in whole grains and vegetables and possibly low in saturated fat, red meat, and preserved meat products can help to prevent many types of cancer. A study at the Tulane School of Public Health conducted by James P. Carter and others reported significant improvement in cancer patient longevity (177 months compared to 91 months) when patients practiced the macrobiotic diet."

     The diet has definitely been an adjustment for Jeff.  If you know Jeff his diet when he lived on his own pretty much consisted of candy and energy drinks, so yes this has been quite a change ;) He is committed and doing well with it, we are so proud of him!
Jeff, his mom and sister Kassie at his cousin's wedding in September
     Just before Jeff left for Massachusetts he had an MRI.  The news was both good and bad.  The old tumor, located in the back left side of his head has shrunk and swelling has gone down!  However, the new tumor has grown by his temporal lobe on the left side, further affecting his memory and speech.  The "fingers" of the tumor are burying deeper into his brain.  The family met with Dr. Mommoser in Ann Arbor on Thursday about this news.  He has decided to change Jeff's chemotherapy treatment, he will still be taking his chemo pills but will undergo chemo at the center just about every week, once a week for 3 hours.  The tumor board also met just yesterday on Jeff's behalf and decided that radiation in the new growth area would be beneficial.  We are unsure of when he will start this or for how long, they are developing a plan for him.  We are so thankful to have such skilled hands working for Jeff!
     Jeff, his Mom, Dad, Sister Tonya and brother-in-law Andrew were also baptized this summer in Jeff's name.  A truly touching and wonderful family moment for them! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful community to share in our triumphs and struggles.  We feel all of your thoughts and prayers and appreciate it all!

       Again, thank you for your continued prayers and support!  The power of prayer will triumph over all.  Jeff is due to have another scan in just over a month and we are believing in healing!  Let's kick this cancers butt!!!!

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Unknown said...

Love you, Kassie & family! You all are on our thoughts & prayers as Jeff battles this cancer. You all are SO strong, Keep fighting the good fight! You can do this! *LOVE & HUGS*

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