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Philippians 4:13

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Hero

Yesterday morning they put Jeff on a continuous drip of his Ativan and morphine to keep him most comfortable. He was waking up more often, probably getting used to the amount of medication he was being given. The constant up and down he was going through was obviously wearing him out. He has been much more comfortable since the drip has been placed. He is not really waking up anymore.
 The VA came at 4 o'clock to perform a pinning ceremony.  We notified family to come. It was short and sweet. A uniformed gentleman came into the room, pinned a flagged to his pillow and read a statement thanking him for his service to our country. We are so honored to call Jeff our Marine, our Hero. We then spent some time singing some of Jeff's favorite praise and worship songs to him followed by open prayer. Jeff knew how he was being honored and respected, he would not let go of my hand and would periodically squeeze.
We were again blessed with dinner and refreshments. The support and help has been and is continuing to be,what gets us through. We thank you again!  Last night his color was great, even
better than when we were in Kentucky. His breathing was so low and faint that they could only be counted with a stethoscope. This morning at about 5 am he started breathing very hard and fast. They administered more morphine and when that didn't seem to settle him they put an oxygen tube in his nose. His color and temperature are changing so we are here by his side. He will periodically stop breathing for 30-55 seconds at a time. He will soon be at peace with our Lord. He will be running into Jesus' arms, cancer free and joking just like his old self. These visions is what keeps us going. We just want him to be at peace, no more suffering for our handsome marine. Please pray for his peace, for his comfort.
We are also asking that visiting end at 8pm. We love you all so much but need a couple hours of
down time and private family time. Thank you for your continued prayer and support. With that, I will leave you with some of our favorite Jeff memories!


Jim and Dawn Williams said...

Praying for immediate peace and comfort in the name of Jesus. And for the family as his precious life here on earth comes to an end. I am so sad for those he is leaving behind, but so happy for him that the suffering will come to an end and he will be FREE from it all and full of life, love, peace, joy for all eternity. God bless you all!
Love, your extended family in Christ

Larry and Carla said...

Praying for strength and comfort and Jeff's comfort and peace-can't imagine what you as a family are going through and have gone through but I CAN imagine the Lord's Grace and Comfort and His Loving Arms around you all. You have fought a good fight and what a blessing to come...Heaven!!! Love you-Larry and Carla

Doc Bernie Duff said...

A little over a year ago, I met with Jeff to paint a lasting impression of him, but instead, it was I who was left with a lasting image of him. Jeff, in a few short moments, was able to paint a beautiful picture upon my heart, one that will last much longer than any painting I could have ever produced! My prayers go out to Jeff, a fellow veteran and forever brother, as well as to you, his family and friends.--"Doc" Bernie Duff

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Jeff, your family and all his fellow Marines!

Job Khan said...


He lies quiet, restless now and then, has one foot here and one foot within.
That bright light calls to him, “son, come on through”, but one side is touched by the loved ones he knew.
He fights for his life so Honest and Pure, but he has fought a good fight and we know there’s no cure.
Loved ones have told him it’s okay to let go, though their hearts say, he can’t, I love him so.
Morning's bright light he will see no longer, but heaven's bright light he will hold onto.
The light grows brighter every moment that goes by, and now he sees angels in his glazed over eyes.
When he makes that first step into heaven so bright, he will feel no more pain as he walks into the light.
He feels the Angels as they take his sweet hands, a feeling of peace that he so demands.
Free from all worry, free from all pain, free from all the things that earth could give him.
From Heaven's Gates he now looks down to see us from above, while wearing his crown.
We miss him a lot, though we know it was right, to just let him go and walk into the light.

I will always remember you Jeff.

Your brother and friend

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