"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

Philippians 4:13

Friday, September 6, 2013

One Foot In, One Foot Out...

This was sent to Mom from Job, Jeff's awesome nurse in California who became a great friend.

He lies quiet, restless now and then, has one foot here and one foot within.
That bright light calls to him, “son, come on through”, but one side is touched by the loved ones he knew.
He fights for his life so Honest and Pure, but he has fought a good fight and we know there’s no cure.
Loved ones have told him it’s okay to let go, though their hearts say, he can’t, I lo...
ve him so.
Morning's bright light he will see no longer, but heaven's bright light he will hold onto.
The light grows brighter every moment that goes by, and now he sees angels in his glazed over eyes.
When he makes that first step into heaven so bright, he will feel no more pain as he walks into the light.
He feels the Angels as they take his sweet hands, a feeling of peace that he so demands.
Free from all worry, free from all pain, free from all the things that earth could give him.
From Heaven's Gates he now looks down to see us from above, while wearing his crown.
We miss him a lot, though we know it was right, to just let him go and walk into the light.

I will always remember you Jeff.

Your brother and friend
Thank you for those kind words of comfort Job.  You have been amazing and any patient lucky enough to be under your care is truly blessed.
Jeff's condition has changed.  This morning we all woke up to him looking the most peaceful he has since he arrived here.  Then his breathing became a little more labored again.  The doctor came to examine him and he said he found pneumonia starting in his left lung.  This explains the congestion sound we hear when he breathes.  He also had a temperature of 108* this afternoon.  The doctor said that could be due to the pneumonia and it could also be his brain controlling the temperature. 
Jeff's breathing has also changed.  This afternoon his breathing fluctuated.  About every 4 minutes he would stop breathing for 30-45 seconds.  The in between time has decreased over the last hours.  He is becoming closer to letting the foot in this world slip into the light.
At this time we are asking for visitation to be limited to immediate family.  Thank you all for your prayers of peace and comfort. 



debra goode said...

I've been paying constantly for Jeff and his family and friends. That was a beautiful poem so appropriate and loving.

Anonymous said...

Jeff has been an inspiration that God has a plan for everyone and to trust in him that this plan is what's best for us- even if it takes us away from our loved ones. He has fought an amazing battle, and has been SO strong.
Your family has been more than an inspiration to believe in God, and that prayer can heal. You are all so strong and I pray that your family holds onto God's word for comfort.

Anonymous said...

You once told me:

"your awesome and you inspire me to become stronger in god so much! seriously thanks, your a blessing."

I'm really glad I got to be a part of your life for a little while. I will always love you Jeffrey Jay Rands. Can't wait to meet you in heaven.

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