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Philippians 4:13

Monday, September 2, 2013

Holiday Hospital Stay

     Last night Grandma Rands, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Kelli and I stayed at the hospital with Mom and Jeff so Dad could feel comfortable about going home for some much needed rest.  The awesome nurses graciously gave my Mom an empty room down the hall with 2 beds.  We insisted Mom get some rest as well, so Kelli and her went to lay down around 11 or so.  We held down the fort until Kelli came in at about 4:30 to relieve me for some rest as well.  I woke up around 8 and let Mom stay asleep to check on things.  Dad was already there and Mom shortly followed.  Jeff started to wake up and we all comforted him, the nurse came in to ask if we needed her to administer his medication but he had settled and was peaceful at that time.  We asked her to wait, in a matter of minutes he was back up and could again not see or hear.  He became very confused and frustrated.  We prompted the nurse to now give him his meds ASAP and the episode lasted a bit longer.  We have come to the conclusion that every 2 hours, almost on the dot, he needs the medication to keep him calm.  Kelli had done some research and it turns out the sedative he is receiving keeps the swelling in his brain down. This allows his vision and hearing to somewhat return.  However, when it wears off he panics from the lack of hearing and sight. 
     The rest of the day went quite well.  He would sometimes wake up in mid-sedation and see and talk to us.  He looked right at Mom and Dad and said there names and smiled.  He also recognized Grandpa and Grandma! 
     I can not stress to you all how well the nurses and staff have taken care of us.  Jeff's brother-in-law, Justin had asked his night nurse if we could bring Jeff's dog Cody in to help comfort him.  That dog means the world to him.  She said she needed to check with someone first and she would let him know.  His morning nurse came in and said "bring him in"!  Justin brought Cody up and set him by Jeff.  Jeff knew right away he was there and woke up.  He smiled so bright it lit the room.  Cody would come up and lick his face.  It was the sweetest thing!  I know we can thank all the prayers for how well our day went today.  As emotional as it was, we have had some great times with Jeff today.  Just being able to hear him say our names and respond to us, many times in life we take these simple things for granted.  Jeff's niece and nephew came to love on him as well and he lit right up again.  No matter how he has felt, he has always been the strongest for the kids in his life.
We are truly thankful for the amount of love and support we have been surrounded by during this time!
     While typing this blog Tonya called me as she was leaving the hospital.  Jeff was doing even better than before!  His favorite thing to drink has been Strawberry Ensures so the nurse was grabbing him one just before I left this evening.  Apparently he drank 1.5 of them and was over the moon about it.  He was looking and responding to everyone in the room and kept telling Mom "thank you" over and over again!  He said with a big smile and a thumb's up that his "belly was full"!  Here's to another great and peaceful day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

~Dawn Williams

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. We are no longer there, but love Jeff and the whole family very, very much. Prayers for peace are going up for you all. Nina Gant (and Tanya(

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Jeff!
~Justin Isacson

Lisa and Matt Weasel said...

Such an amazing young man...what an amazing family. Prayers, hugs and love to you all.

Job Khan said...

I shall never forget. You will always be remembered everytime I extend my hands to care for others. Jeff you are my brother forever. Thank you for the chance to know you and provide care you deserved. It ain't goodbye.

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