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Sunday, March 3, 2013

2 Years and Counting!

     It has already been almost 2 years since we were informed of Jeff's brain tumor.  There have been both good and bad times in between and we are so thankful everyday to have our quirky, funny, cocky Jeff here with us!  His results of the MRI taken on January 14 were very good!  I realize now I had not yet posted this information and I apologize.  There was NO new growth and the current tumor looks to be stagnant.  Both the radiologist and his doctor were more pleased than they thought they would be with the results, our God is so Good!!  Below are the images from his previous and his current scan...
The scans on the left are those from September and the ones on the right are from January.  Swelling has gone down and the tumor has subsided.  The tumor is the kinda white stuff...
   Currently Jeff is taking chemo pills about 5 times a month and going in for chemo every other
Friday.  He is also going to physical therapy a couple times a week just to keep him moving.  We are all definitely looking forward to the Spring so we can get out and do the outdoor stuff we love to do!  Jeff does struggle with his memory and understanding, your prayers for this would be greatly appreciated!!
  Monday, March 11 is his next scan in Ann Arbor.  We are believing for even better news!  He will go to have his scan and then an appointment with Dr. Mommoser and the radiologist after that.  We should have results early afternoon.  Bring on the good news and bring on the sunshine!!!  Thank you for your continued prayers, we have seen the miraculous work of God in Jeff!
Jeff, Andrew, Tonya, Kassie, Dylan, Justin and Makayla...Another Mexico memory!

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