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Philippians 4:13

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Covered By The Blanket Of God

This is the second day after surgery. We (Jeff's family) have decided to start a blog on Jeff's healing process, this is easier than Facebook and anyone can see how things are going.
We still have a lot to do here to make arrangements and we are looking forward to the pathology reports that should be in later today but may not be available until tomorrow.  We are believing and trusting for a report that Jeff is healed by the stripes of Jesus. There are literally hundreds if not thousands that are praying for Jeff and we can truly sense the presence of God on him and our family.
The entire team of doctors and nurses are AMAZED at how well Jeff is doing. Yesterday while the nurse was administering some meds Jeff asked if it should make him feel groggy because it seemed to.  The nurse looked at Jeff and back at his Dad, smiled and said she really couldn't say how it should make him feel because whenever they administer these meds the patient is always in a coma and they cant tell the nurses how it makes them feel.  It is truly a miracle how he has been through this whole process.
The only challenge we have had with Jeff is getting him to shut up! The doctors and nurses said that the day after surgery, it is critical to have no stimulation so they keep the lights down and they want him to rest. Halfway through the day they just gave up and let him do whatever.  He is doing great!  We whisper to try to keep him from staying awake and he still hears everything we say.  He makes us all laugh just like he always did. 
The MRI showed that the tumor had forced his brain 12mm off center and the MRI the day after his surgery already showed it had moved back to only 4mm off center. This means that Jeff's brain is moving back to where it belongs.
Keep up the love and prayers, they are greatly appreciated!  We will keep everyone updated via this blog as much as we can.  

Below are some pictures of Jeff before and after his surgery!

Thank you everyone!

Before Surgery 

Jeff's famous "look"

After Surgery

still has a smile on his face


Laurie Schuitema said...

God is Good all the time.........Still Praying

Anonymous said...

Love you guys<3

Aunt, Lynne

Amanda VanVels said...

this is so awesome! God is so good! constantly praying for him! i'm glad you made the blog so we can stay updated.

Jenna said...

Thanks for posting this so we can stay updated. Jeff is a little miracle! He is going to be home and cracking joke after joke in no time! Can't wait to get the proof from the doctors that he is healed! Love you all, prayers continuing hour after hour!

Kylea said...

Stay strong! Praying for Jeff and your family!

Jessica said...

Thanks for making this blog so we can stay updated!Praying and constantly thinking of you all the time!Can't wait until you are all home! Love you all, Jess.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong jeffery, im keeping you in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

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